Crisis Management & Internal Investigations

In a crisis, swift action is required to investigate, respond and mitigate.

Any company can suddenly face a crisis which threatens its reputation, financial interests and relationship with its stakeholders. Such a situation may be linked to an internal investigation - a cornerstone of an efficient and sustainable corporate compliance organisation.

The first hours and days are essential in a crisis. Our experts can support you to create an initial action plan as well as assess the situation more thoroughly beyond the first response.

Well-considered and targeted action

Forensic measures, such as an internal investigation may be necessary. The successful conduct of an internal investigation takes experienced and independent external experts as well as a focused set of objectives and thorough, yet efficient procedures.

The practice teams at Bär & Karrer have gained extensive experience in leading and conducting internal investigations in corporates across various industries, such as banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing and infrastructure over the course of many years. We offer a combination of experience in corporate governance, compliance organisation and processes, regulatory, and white-collar crime related matters, including the handling of cooperation activities with domestic and foreign authorities.

Knowledgeable and advanced

While independence is a key requirement, our investigators are business-minded, with a view on industry specific business practices and processes. Our investigation activities are structured in a target-oriented and efficient manner. This enables the client to identify issues for remediation both during and after the investigation. Our role and mission are to integrate the efficient mana