28 May 2024 I Guide

Legal challenges for monitorships in Switzerland and practical lessons to be learnt

Bär and Karrer contributed an article to The Guide to Monitorships - 4th Edition by The Global Investigations Review (GIR). This chapter provides an overview of the key aspects and challenges of conducting compliance monitorships from a Swiss perspective.

Key points covered include:

• The context of compliance monitorships in Switzerland
• Implementation of foreign compliance monitorships on Swiss soil, focusing on notable examples and practical lessons
• Main legal challenges faced by foreign monitors in Switzerland

Additionally, the article discusses how Switzerland can learn from its past and present experiences with foreign compliance monitors and adapt to the growing trend of compliance monitorships in the financial and business sectors.

This article was first published on Global Investigations Review in May 2024; for further in-depth analysis, please visit GIR The Guide to Monitorships - 4th Edition.

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