Beneficial ownership in Swiss PE acquisitions - Bär & Karrer’s Christoph Neeracher and Luca Jagmetti advise on the new rules
Neeracher Christoph / Jagmetti Luca, Legal Business, March 2016
Something Old, Something New: The Supervision of Financial Intermediaries under the Draft Federal Act on Financial Institutions
Bahar Rashid, CapLaw 1/2016, p. 36 - 41 Download »
Consultation on Bill Regarding Tax Treatment of Financial Penalties
Opel Andrea,

ILO (International Law Office)

Taxation of US LLCs in Switzerland - Swiss Federal Court Rules against Hybrid Treatment
Opel Andrea,

ILO (International Law Office), März 2016, Link

Konzessionsabgaben für die Nutzung öffentlichen Grund und Bodens durch elektrische Leitungen
Scholl Phyllis,

Download »
Mergers and Acquisitions - Switzerland
Neeracher Christoph / Hoch Mariel,

Global Legal Insights Fifth Edition, 2016, p. 206 - 211

Download »
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2016 - Switzerland
Lembo Saverio / Conrad Hari Aurélie, ICLG - The International Comparative Legal Guide , p. 49-55 Download »
Intra-group financing
Spillmann Till / Koller Adrian, IFLR magazine, February 2016 Download »
Fischen in trüben Gewässern – Rechtsstaatlich fragwürdige Gruppenauskünfte an die Niederlande (Legally Dubious Group Requests of the Netherlands)
Opel Andrea,

in: Jusletter vom 15. Februar 2016

Growing Asian Prospects
Neeracher Christoph / Seiler Philippe, LexisNexis Mergers & Acquisitions Law Guide 2016 Download »
The Strategic View - Corporate Restructuring in Switzerland 2016
Rohde Thomas / Spillmann Till, ICLG - The International Comparative Legal Guide, p. 108 ff. Download »
Capital "On Demand": equity Lines / Shares Subscription Facilities for Swiss Listed Companies
Reutter Thomas / Weber Annette, CapLaw 2/2016, p. 2-7 Download »
Restriction of Passive Sales and Resale Price Maintenance under Swiss Antitrust Law - Conflicting Approaches of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court in BMW and Altimum
Reinert Mani, Bär & Karrer Briefing January 2016 Download »
Lifting of Switzerland's Sanctions regarding Iran's Nuclear Program
Schott Markus / Garbarski Andrew M.,

Bär & Karrer Briefing January 2016

Download »
Federal Supreme Court Confirms Leading Case regarding the Examination of Drug Prices
Schott Markus / Wang Markus, Bär & Karrer Briefing January 2016 Download »
Bundesgericht bestätigt Grundsatzurteil betreffend Überprüfung von Arzneimittelpreisen
Schott Markus / Wang Markus, Bär & Karrer Briefing Januar 2016 Download »
Derivative Trading under the Federal Act on Financial Markets Infrastructure
Bahar Rashid, GesKR 4/2015, p. 479 - 496 Download »
Tax Ruling cancellation-transition period
Schreiber Susanne, IFLR Magazine January 2016 Download »
IP in business transactions - Switzerland overview
Wang Markus / Nusser Raphael / Bornhauser Jonas,

Practical Law 2016

Patents, trade marks, copyright and designs in Switzerland - Overview
Wang Markus / Nusser Raphael / Bornhauser Jonas,

Pratical Law 2016

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