08 October 2013 I Corporate News

Bär & Karrer elects new partners and appoints counsel

Bär & Karrer is pleased to announce that Nadja Jaisli Kull, Andrew Garbarski, Luca Jagmetti and Urs Kägi have been elected as partners and that Anne Valérie Julen Berthod has been appointed as counsel of the firm as of 1 January 2014.

While Nadja Jaisli Kull will strengthen our litigation and arbitration capabilities in Zürich, Andrew Garbarski as well as Anne Valérie Julen Berthod will strengthen the litigation and white collar crime team in Geneva and Luca Jagmetti as well as Urs Kägi our transactions team in Zürich.

We are excited about the new positions of Nadja, Andrew, Luca, Urs and Anne Valérie, and are looking forward to a stimulating and successful collaboration.

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