03 June 2014 I Deals and Cases

Cross-Border Merger of Pentair Ltd. (Switzerland) into Pentair PLC (Ireland)

Pentair today announced the completion of the cross-border merger of Pentair Ltd., a stock corporation organized under the laws of Switzerland listed on the NYSE, into Pentair PLC, a public limited company organized under the laws of the Republic of Ireland (NYSE: PNR). The cross-border merger effected a change in the place of incorporation of the publicly traded parent company of Pentair from Switzerland to Ireland.

Bär & Karrer acted as Swiss legal counsel to Pentair. The team included Ralph Malacrida, Daniel Lehmann, Thomas Stoltz, Sami Hamida, Benjamin Schärer, Micha Schilling, Michael Abegg, Fabian Wigger and David Schneeberger.