15 October 2013 I Deals and Cases

Bär & Karrer Team Successfully Assists UEFA in a CAS Arbitration Case

In an award rendered on 15 December 2011, the Court of Arbitration for Sport ("CAS") confirmed that FC Sion/Olympique des Alpes SA ("FC Sion") shall not be reintegrated in the UEFA Europa League 2011/2012 and lifted the interim measures issued by State court (Tribunal cantonal of Vaud). Arbitration proceedings were initiated by UEFA. The dispute between the parties had arisen after FC Sion was sanctioned with forfeit defeats for having fielded non-eligible players in the play-off games of the UEFA Europa League 2011/2012. It is those forfeit decisions that are upheld by CAS.

In the CAS proceedings, UEFA was represented by Bär & Karrer and Ivan Cherpillod (partner at BMP Associés). The Bär & Karrer team included Saverio Lembo (lead counsel), Andrew Garbarski, and Vincent Guignet.

Team involved

Andrew Garbarski