Notarial Services

Time is precious: count on our notarial services to manage your affairs most efficiently.

Keeping ahead of deadlines is essential when planning and implementing transaction steps that need to be notarised or legalised.

An integrated team

At Bär & Karrer, our notaries are attorneys-at-law who are part of our transaction and private client teams. Therefore, they understand our clients' needs from own experience. We assist national and international clients in connection with all corporate matters requiring notarial acts or the completion of formal legal documentation under Swiss and other applicable laws. We also provide notarial services to private clients in connection with succession and estate planning.

Time and cost-efficient inhouse notarial services

Having a notarial services team in-house allows us to meet critical deadlines when it comes to planning and implementing transaction steps requiring notarisations or statutory legal documents. We provide the legal precision needed to complete notarial acts and documents within the most ambitious of transaction timetables. Innovative professional tools and the application of modern working methods deliver the most timely and cost-effective results for our clients.

The services of the Bär & Karrer notarial services team include:

  • Company incorporations
  • Capital increases or reductions
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Affidavits
  • Matrimonial contracts
  • Last wills and inheritance contracts
  • Notarial legal documentation

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