Online Guide to the revised Federal Act on Data Protection

Welcome to the Bär & Karrer Online Guide to the revised Federal Act on Data Protection ("revFADP") that is expected to enter into force on 1 September 20023 together with the revised Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection ("revOFADP").

The Online Guide is not a commentary on the revFADP. The idea is for the Online Guide to grow organically and take up topics that concern our clients. The Online Guide also does not claim to be exhaustive and does not provide information on the processing of personal data by federal authorities.

You can test your company's need for action with our "Data Protection Self-Assessment Tool":


  • When does the revFADP apply to companies based abroad?

  • What principles must be met when processing personal data?

  • What new obligations apply under the revFADP?

  • What rights do individuals have when their personal data is processed?

  • What does "appropriate " data security mean and how do we ensure data security?

  • What obligations apply to companies who suffer a Data Breach?

  • What information duties do companies have under the revFADP?

  • Can the processing of personal data be outsourced to third parties ("data processors")?

  • Can personal data be transferred abroad and what requirements must be met?

  • What is a data processing register and when do we need to keep such a register?

  • What is a data protection impact assessment and when do we need to conduct one?

  • Do we need to appoint a data protection advisor ("Data Protection Officer")?

  • When do we need to obtain consent to process personal data?

  • When is there a violation of the revFADP and how can this be justified?

  • What is a "Swiss Representative" and when do we need to appoint one?

  • What consequences / sanctions can a violation of the revFADP have for companies?

  • Our company is already compliant with the GDPR, is there anything we need to do?

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